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Governing IT and Telecom
expenses and assets to support your business

TNX is the only Latin American company included by Gartner among a handful of Technology Expense Management (TEM) leaders worldwide.

We are dedicated to managing and optimizing our clients’ IT and Telecom expenses and assets - including mobile telephony, fixed telephony, data networks, IT hardware and peripherals, software licenses, printing, and service centers, among others.

Adapting and applying local and international best practices in IT and Telecom asset and spend management, it can significantly improve your company’s performance.

TNX currently has fully operational bases in 5 Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico) and a rapidly growing presence in Spain. Our office networkserves customers across all of Latin America as well as parts of Europe, the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia on an ongoing basis. With over 100 professionals and proprietary software platforms, designed sucessfully to meet the complex challenges of operating in emerging markets, TNX is uniquely qualified to help clients achieve substantial perfomance improvements – fast.

Anywhere you look, technology is no longer a mere ​​business enabler. It is fast becoming a major driver of competitive differenciation and advantage. TNX is ready, willing and able to help clients manage their digital transformation process successfully, quickly and efficiently.

Global vision and local impact

With over 100 professionals and a pan-regional office network, TNX can put at your disposal specialists in a wide variety of areas, who combine international experience with an unparalleled knowledge of Latin American markets, developed over the past two decades.

TNX is uniquely able to process and optimize contracts with a great diversity of global and local suppliers, including for example over 150 Telecom operators across Latin America.

Adapting and applying local and international best practices in the IT and Telecom assets and spend management, it can significantly improve your company’s performance.
Regional supplier unification efforts. Improved management of your mobile resources. Updated inventories. These are just a few exaples of the powerful efficiency levers available to IT managers with our support.

Implementing this type of improvement initiatives requires a deep understanding of your business and local market conditions and idiosincracy. That's where the experience and capabilities of TNX come in.

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