Efficiency in IT and Telecom Asset and Expense Management

Free up resources
to boost
profits and investments

Efficient IT expense and asset management always requires a good understanding of one’s starting point.

Am I spending more than I should? Does supplier diversification mean my contracts become more expensive? Could I lower expenses and free up assets without compromising our operations? TNX addresses these and other concerns with I³, our ongoing IT expense and asset management service, which feeds off massive ammounts of data to develop a complete inventory of services, users,
assets and contracts, and then analyzes that information on an ongoing basis to improve decision making processes, in a way that enables clients to capture productivity improvement opportunities as they arise.

With dedicated professionals and exclusive tools, TNX rigorously diagnoses a client’s starting position and recommends improvement initiatives to free up resources, boost efficiencies and improve the performance of existing infrastructures.

TNX’s services can be contracted under a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) model, based on monthly fees, or as a project with fixed or variable (success-based) professional fees. Since the savings generated are in part used to pay for the project or service, the client’s return on investment (ROI) frequently exceeds 100% per year, in some cases enabling the client even to recover the investment within the same calendar year.

Do you want to identify and
capture high ROI opportunities which enable you to boost efficiency, cut spending and free up resources?