Vendor Management Outsourcing (VMO)

Vendor Management Outsourcing (VMO)


A poorly managed or structured IT or Telecom contract can sharply reduce project profitability and in some, more serious cases, a company’s bottom line. Poor pricing and inflexible conditions, along with outdated inventories, can be major sources of headaches for IT managers.

TNX specializes in optimizing contract management so that your suppliers provide you the best possible cost / benefit combination leading to sustainable
improvements in efficiency. 

Is it time to concentrate different services with a single supplier? To update your technology? Which is the best supplier for a specific service? Which area should be responsible for managing your IT and Telecom providers? These are just some of the questions that TNX will help you answer.
Going well beyond a traditional consultancy, TNX is fully prepared to take charge and manage the relationships with your technology and telecoms providers, under a full or partial outsourcing model, based on your needs. Once we develop a good understanding of your current and future needs and policies, we can prepare your RFIs, RFPs and your contracts with suppliers, and manage those contractual relationships. TNX’s VMO service covers routine tasks, such as qualifying and validating service requests, and also longer-term efforts like supporting still-immature strategic suppliers as needed – a key enabler of most digital trasformation processes. TNX helps select and manage your IT and Telecom suppliers, so that your company can focus 100% of its energies on the business.
  • Analysis of current contracts and management processes
  • Proposals to optimize processes, contracts, SLAs, OLAs and KPIs
  • Alignment with current suppliers on new standards and support of adaptation / standardization effforts
  • Bringing in new suppliers (when necessary)
  • Managing contracts on the basis of the new processes

Are you ready to turn your suppliers into partners?