i³ - Advanced Governance

IT and Telecom asset and expense management
at its most advanced

TNX’s service

Using a proven, highly effective methodology which combines proprietary software with the support of specialized professionals, TNX’s service enables clients to achieve major improvements in the way they manage supplier contracts; process orders; keep inventories up to date; comply with supplier conditions; audit invoices; get refunds when billing errors are detected; validate and manage internal client demands; allocate expenses to cost centers; and generate accurate, timely and quality management information for the executive team.

Our Service is based on three pillars:

Information – The information is found either inside the company or with its suppliers. This initial snapshot is updated monthly to monitor progress of each improvement initiative, and to identify new ones as opportunities arise. This enables TNX to
identify and quantify the stock and flow of IT and telecom resources, so that they can be later analyzed and optimized.

Insight – After a couple of months, TNX shares a full in-depth diagnosis and assessment of the client’s starting position. It also identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes all possible improvement initiatives. This initial diagnosis is updated thereafter on a monthly basis, to monitor the progress of those initiatives and to identify new ones as opportunities arise.

Impact – TNX’s does not just make good recommendations: we work alongside our clients and do whatever is needed so that the improvement opportunities are fully captured
and generate the anticipated benefits. When the rubber hits the road, TNX defines and sets in motion specific improvement initiatives whose benefits are quickly reaped –many (if not most) of them within the first 12 months.
  • Sourcing Management
  • Ordering & Provisioning
  • Invoice Management
  • Dispute Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Management
Starting in month 4, TNX takes full day-to-day operational responsibility for these six expense management processes, and generates management reports which we analyze with the client on a monthly basis, generating as a result new improvement initiatives to be implemented.

The TNX team often works in a client's premises to develop a fluid working relationship with client staff directly responsible for day-to-day expense management, facilitating inter-area collaboration and enabling the achievement of more ambitious goals.

Do you want to move towards a higher maturity level in expense and asset governance?